1. Alice From LA

From the recording The Blooming Eye


Alice from LA
Alice from LA
busting through the universe hi-jacking time and space
Opens up the fridge, pours out all the milk
She's looking into my eyes, her eyes are made of silk
Pours out all the milk
Eyes are made of silk
She made her way-oh from Rodeo
Now she flexes solar plexus
on the nexus as a freshman in a T-E-X-A-S
heat wave
heat wave

Take you to the store
Take you to the bank
Puking in my car
Lying to my face
We can go to Houston lay with the flaming dogs
You can come to my house and channel inner space
Channel inner space, Alice from LA
Alice from LA

honestly Alice I don't know
So for now I'll just carry the zero
All in all not what they say so
but every road will take you home

Alice from LA
Alice from LA
Don't know what to say?
Just say Alice from LA
Chasing down a train that is running through my brain
Moving at the speed of light
Standing in place
Standing in place
Listening to this song
Listening to the universe go on and on and on
You are super cute but you are just a freshman
Do all you're friends from Houston know that you puked in my car?
Infinite without
Infinite within
She's lookin in the mirror that's reflecting light that's been
Reflected off her skin
\Infinite within
Alice from LA

Honestly Alice I doin't know
So for now I'll just carry the zero
yah, it's a heavy load
but every road will take you home

End of the summer
Oh what a bummer
ride the bullet
bite the wave
Clenching your doctor's note
If I can say so I sure like having you around
All of the other girls on my cell phone are just trying to get me down

Good luck girls

Alice from LA